I Am Irelevant

I have NEEDS; we all do.
April 10, 2010, 1:24 am
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“I’ll pick you up when you fall. And if I can’t I’ll just lay down beside you”.

You might not reply, but all I need for peaeful sleep is to know that you know I am here, and my 5am’s are yours. You know, you don’t need me, but I am here if you do, and that is all I can offer to someone who asks for nothing.

Parts of my life are kind of convoluted. I am learing to love them for what they are and what they give me. Are my intimacies ideal? No. But they are what they are and I appreciate them as such. Is my education and educational choices ideal? No. But I work hard and do what I can, I often if not always love what I do. Do my parents always share my ideals and concepts of what it means to live free? No. But they love me like the sun beats upon the sea, and I love them.

I have what I NEED.

Physiological? : Almost always.

Safety?: Always

Love/Belonging?: Almost always.

Esteem?: Often

Actualization?: Sometimes in some ways.

All in all, good job Bells.


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