I Am Irelevant

Family /Friend/Lover Quotes

Remember there is no room for sadness in our family (Dad)

You’re not here. I am indignant. See my indignant face? (D.B.)

It’s not fat. It’s extra-Emma (J.R)
You like sexiness in all people, and find it pleasing just to look at it, without the goal of sex in mind
you like knowing people’s minds and getting inside their heads
you like songs about love, even if they’re sad
maybe because they’re sad.
you like concerning yourself with little things but hate how it affects you
you like the chase of a relationship and often find that it’s the challenge and the pursuit that satisfies you more, and most relationships aren’t quite as engaging in your experience as the events leading up to them (R.E.)

In with your stomach and out with your bust, and your heart will be filled with sunshine (Great Grandma)

You’ll find someone. We live in a culture that’s severely ill that relies on diamonds and roses and cards to express love and it leaves all of the human personal romance, the smiles across crowded rooms and the holding hands walking down a street, in a position of normalcy and blandness. You rejected that early, you find romance in everything that another person is and does like I do, and it’s difficult as hell to bring someone else into seeing that. (R.E)

Complicated isnt it? Its not sex or sugar anymore (J.B)

If all the stars in the galaxy supernovaed at the same time, it wouldn’t match the intensity of my love for you. (J.R.)

Like my dancing back from class right before i called you. Seriously, I was laughing, just laughing for no reason in the middle of a group of people walking back from class, because smiling didn’t seem like enough (DB)

Dropping is now illegal. If you drop anything, I’m going to find a fish and whack you with it.” (Karen)

I should get my friends to check out my future lovers (B)
Think of it like in scholarly journals! Peer reviewed for content! (A)

Your ex had the people skills of a hand grenade. (J)


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